Empathy is a technical skill. Let’s teach it in a technical way.

When empathy is a driving force for software development, teams write higher quality code, collaborate better with others, reduce bias in their algorithms, and build better products.

Empathy-Driven Software Development presents a practical framework and specific practices for software developers to use in their daily development.

Meet Andrea.

Andrea Goulet is a sought-after keynote speaker for conferences around the world who is best known for defining Empathy-Driven Development. She's a co-founder of Corgibytes, a software consultancy that helps organizations pay down technical debt and modernize legacy systems. You can recognize her by the JavaScript tattoo on her wrist.

Meet Carmen.

Carmen Shirkey Collins is a multi-award winning employee/employer brand leader in the technology industry and conference speaker whose name has become synonymous with digital culture communications and attracting talent. A natural empath, she advises companies that relating to technical audiences should include recognizing that they, too, are human and respond in turn.

We’re writing a book.

Empathy-Driven Software Development is currently under development with Pearson/Addison-Wesley.

Available for purchase in summer 2022.

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Programmers code to communicate; not with a computer but through it.

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